The good quality Giant MTBs in Saigon

Here is an our special orders - the top quality MTBs of Giant.

As we have been doing biking tours and associated with cycling adventures; bike guides, organizer and bike mechanic for many years and understanding mechanical engineering as well, now we realized that the whole MTBs which we brough from shop (some manufacturers) is not suitable for riding on different conditions of road. It is because these front suspension forks are very hard on roads. Most of MTBs has very hard front suspension like the Suntour XCM, XCT... The other reasons were that these bikes used different spare parts. They are not the same group set of components. Sometime gear system doesn't works every well. We ordered for new bikes with special designs for pro-mountain bikers from bike specialists already done. Our bikes use new Alivio Shimano hub sets with 36 holes, Alivio Shimano components/groups, headset sealed bearing, the new model of the top oil suspension fork of SR Suntour XCR LO bike 

The good quality front suspension plays very important role on your rides:
The Suntour XCR suspension has turn key lockout suspension fork with 210mm, 100mm travel, it works so well at absorbing rough track even on broken roads or uneven ground . It has a key adjuster which is adjusted manually, set up with different functions; soft, hard...locked. Depending on conditions of road, you can set up the functions of different level. Vietnam Cycling Tours

Our bikes, the special ordered, use all Shimano Alivio group set:
Alivio Shimano hub sets with 36 holes, double wall rims, Alivio Shimano hub sets with 36 holes, headset sealed bearing, crankset shimano alivio with: 8 speed Shimano Alivio Crankset with Black Arms 42/32/22 and all gearshifts are the same group as Shimano Alivio 8 speeds.We dicide to use 8 speeds instead of 9 speeds because the chain of 9 speeds is very thin. Thye chain of 8 speeds much stronger and easy to be fixed, and to join together if it broke on the trip. Other hand, it can be replacable and can be brough anywhere. 9 speeds chains are not popular in Vietnam, especially in downtowns.

Shimano V - Brakes with Avid hand brakes
I understand that oil brake works much better than cable V-Brake but V-Brake is more duarable and last long. The oil brake is very easy to be broke, bended disc, damaged during the transfer on long trips. Other ways it is not to be fixed and replaced and brake blocks changed. For example: During daily transfers of the trips; oil disc brake housing cable/ oil tube brake/ disc brakes could be damaged on A/C minivans, minibuses, trucks.

The bicycle store of Vietnam Backroads. There are more 80 New Giant MTBs, the top bikes in  Saigon, Vietnam.