Vietnam Cycling Holidays

Mekong Bike Tours offers handpicked cycling itineraries to explore the remote hamlets, enjoy views of peaceful countryside and spectacular mountainous scenery, and meet the locals at their homes. Besides off-beaten tracks on daily cycling, each night is the most popular destination to learn about each region's ancient history, cultural highlights, and modern history. Vietnam Cycling Holidays
Cycling to Vam Sat EcoPark, Enjoy views of Can Gio Forest on canoeing through the forest

Can Gio Island Day Trip - Discovery Vam Sat EcoPark

A day trip cycling to Can Gio, visit Vam Sat Ecopark with Mekong Bike Tours. Go on this exciting day tour away from the city and to the island of Can Gio. Explore Monkey Island and get to feed and take photos with the cute monkeys in the area. See the crocodiles that locals have been protesting since the Vietnam War and enjoy the optional activity of crocodile fishing. Next, take a thrilling speedboat ride to the "Sac" guerilla camps in the deep jungle. See what jungle life was like during the war as you go around the reserve. UNESCO has listed this popular site as an essential biosphere reserve.